Traveling to Kaktovik requires advanced planning, sometimes a year in advance. Review the following information to plan your flight and lodging.

Marsh Creek Inn. Call the booking office in Anchorage 907 349 3342. The number for Marsh Creek in Kaktovik is 907 640 5500.

Waldo Arms Hotel. Call 907 640 6513
Both hotels charge $350/person, including bed tax to city of Kaktovik. Includes three meals a day as part of the room fee.

Please see Trip Advisor for review of the hotels. 

Kaktovik Bed and Breakfast offer rooms for $ 200/person.

Email Robert Thompson at

The hotels do not always answer emails.Kaktovik Tours only sell the boat trips.

The hotel will pick you up at the airport. We will pick you up at your hotel at 3.50 PM. We will adapt the times to the weather and flight times for our guests.

Ravn Airlines

Ravn Alaska Airline have flight connection from Fairbanks, Anchorage and Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay). 

Kaktovik Tours recommend that tour operators use charter flights. We try to help organize so that one group is flying in and one group is flying out on the same charter plane. Please contact us for more info.

Other Activities.

Marie Rexford offer guided walking tours in the village.

$ 100/person. Call Marie at mobile 907 640 0062 or home 907 640 6025.

The city office sells locally made arts and craft.